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Talent Pool Builder's Advanced Applicant Sourcing, Screening and Hiring Technology Helps Employers of Any Size to Hire Faster

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The Beginning

Talent Pool Builder was founded in early 2013, and after almost two years in full time research and development it was officially launched in late 2014. Talent Pool Builder is a private company whose objective is to increase hiring speed and efficiency for recruiters and hiring managers, while also providing an intuitive experience that requires little to no user training.

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Current Growth

At Talent Pool Builder, the development team is working hard to improve hiring technology to decrease time to hire and increase job posting exposure. The Client Care team is also always standing by, because although no training is required, it is always available.

As of today, Talent Pool Builder has developed strategic partnerships with over 125 job boards and aggregators to distribute their clients' job postings. They also have partnered with many other job boards and distributors to allow their clients to post jobs to their favorite premium job boards in as little as one click, and many at a discounted rate.

Current Talent Pool Builder clients include small businesses, growing companies, large organizations and staffing firms. Many clients love the Talent Pool Builder system for its ease of use and fast screening functions.

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The Future

This is still only the beginning for Talent Pool Builder. The development team is hard at work to introduce what will be more incredible functions and partnerships to make hiring even easier. Talent Pool Builder started a little over 8 years ago as only an idea and has now flourished to a reality; and the Talent Pool Builder team is only driven by this success to reach further and continue to make sourcing, screening, and hiring, faster!

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