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Talent Pool Builder offers the best experience not only for recruiters but candidates as well. Easy Apply makes it simple for busy people to apply for your open positions without having to create a username or password.

Did You Know?

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20% of candidates (usually the best and most in demand) quit the application process as soon as they have to create an account with a username and password.

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Candidates can apply by uploading their documents from their computer, by writing directly into our text editor or from many popular online providers such as:

True or False?

The highest quality candidates are the ones who are willing to spend the time to complete a long application process.


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A long application process alienates highly skilled, in demand, currently employed and passive job seekers. Instead you get people who have an excess amount of time available because they are not in demand, are not employed or have a lot of extra time.

Find great people by making applying easy and use Talent Pool Builder's great screening tools to narrow from hundreds of candidates to the top 5 in only minutes!

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